Creation Science

Through the unique teaching of creation science by Dr. Sidney C. Phillips, Grace Bible Church has come to know the importance of this study and strongly supports the teaching of divine creation. Believing that Jehovah God created the world as written in Genesis, is foundational to accepting the Holy Bible as the written Word of God.

Many Secular scientists theorize that everything evolved from a big bang and a process of time and chance. Through an in depth study we have learned there is solid evidence that supports the fact of not only a divine creator but also of a six day creation, a world-wide flood and a young earth!

Christians MUST be proactive and begin educating their family’s now, especially  their children on the truth of creation. If our children continue to question this fact, what else will they begin to question.

Grace Bible has also become aware of many resources that include books and videos by well-known scholars and scientists that Christians and churches can utilize to teach its members and community on this extremely important topic.



Below are links to resources and to Dr. Phillips Lessons on Creation