Gomer & Nene Indino
~ Brazil ~

Gomer and Nene Indino have been serving with Things to Come Mission in Brazil for the past 18 years.Their primary work involved theological training at TCM’s Bible school and working with the Brazilian churches. They also coordinated conferences and seminars for youth from all the churches in the region and led women’s & children’s ministries.

Robby & Tegwen Heath

~ South Africa ~

Robby and Tegwen met at Grace Bible College. Later they married and settled in Indianapolis where their son, Vernon, was born. In 2014 they moved back to Oregon to became worship leaders at Robby’s home Grace church in Grants Pass. They also helped out with preaching and teaching when needed.  In 2015 The Heaths felt God’s call to the mission field. They began by apply as short-term missionaries with TCM and spent the 2016-2017 school year studying and teaching at TCM’s Bible Institute in Tagum City, Philippines.  In March, their son Rowen was born with a rare heart disorder, which requiring emergency open heart surgery at one week of age. Rowen died three weeks later but not before touching many lives with his story.

Despite grieving this tremendous loss, Robby and Tegwen remained determined to share the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ with others. They are now serving Jesus Christ as part of  Team TCM South Africa.

The Shermans
~ Tanzania ~The Lord has led Steve and Barb to be involved in leadership training in Africa. For ten years they worked with Tanzania Grace Bible Institute’s pastoral college in administration and teaching. In 2004 they began working on developing a curriculum to be used in lay-leader Bible Schools under TGBI. The year 2006 saw the launching of seven Bible Schools in various regions of Tanzania with two more Bible Schools being added in 2010.

Now Steve and Barb have broadened their leadership training ministry. They both continue to teach part time at TGBI’s pastoral college. Steve also continues to work closely with TGBI as an auditor and adviser to the college and Bible schools although they are all being administrated by Tanzanian leadership at this time. What is new in the Shermans’ ministry is that Steve has been appointed as the chairman of the All Africa Grace Fellowship department of theology

Lawrence and Barbara Trumbower
~ Pureto Rico ~

Lawrence and Barbara have served under Grace Ministries International (GMI) at WCGB for 34 years. Both are graduates of Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lawrence studied broadcast communications at Milwaukee Institute of Technology, then God led him through a series of experiences which confirmed his role in the design and establishment of WCGB in 1967. From the station’s inception GMI purposed this ministry to be evangelistic in focus and seeker-friendly in its approach. Its unique programming format was at once Christian and community-oriented, broadcasting sports, news, music, and many live programs, with short gospel messages inserted in the non-religious blocks.

In November 2004 GMI passed the radio baton to Calvary Evangelistic Mission (CEM), owner of two other Christian stations in Puerto Rico, whose focus is to train faithful people so they can teach others as well (2 Timothy 2:2). Since that time Lawrence has been seconded to CEM in The Rock Radio Network, where his main responsibilities are to keep all three stations FCC compliant and to handle engineering for WCGB, WBMJ and WIVV.

His newest exciting project, however, in addition to the radio ministry, is the transformation of a series of the written doctrinal Bible charts of Maurice Hammond into PowerPoint presentations, in Spanish as well as English, for wider exposure in both worlds.

Barbara works alongside Lawrence preparing the PowerPoints, does some mentoring, initiates most of their personal and mission correspondence and reports, manages the missionaries’ ministry fund records, and actively encourages people within her spheres of influence.

The Trumbowers’ continued involvement in Christian radio and
their work on the doctrinal charts are two means of fortifying their hearers for the challenges of living Christianly in the worlds of today and tomorrow.

Talo Vergara
~ Bolivia ~

Talo Vergara began his full-time missionary service in Bolivia in February 2006. He is currently on loan to Movida, an organization focused on encouraging and empowering the youth of Latin America to serve the Lord in missions. Talo has traveled throughout South America promoting missions at the CIMA conferences held in various countries and locations on the continent. He is currently serving in Central America promoting and preparing for a conference scheduled to take place in 2017.

Talo was born into a Catholic family in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, in 1982, his mother was invited to a Bible study at the home of former GMI missionaries, Arnie and Sally Selfors. She would take Talo and his siblings to those meetings, and it was there that Talo accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of six years old. That Bible study grew into a church that Talo attended regularly throughout his younger years, and eventually he became one of the youth leaders there. As he saw his friends’ lives changed because of sharing his faith, it fueled his passion for Christ, and he realized he wanted to be involved in ministry for the rest of his life. However, he knew he needed to pursue some academic training.

Soon God opened the door for Talo to attend Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI, where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology Degree in Pastoral Ministries in May 2004. He has been involved in several aspects of ministry, including teaching youth and adult Sunday school, preaching, participating in and directing youth meetings, discipleship, counseling, and organizing and leading a mission trip for short-term missionaries.

While serving on the field, Talo met Patty Diaz whom he married on July 15, 2016. On February 8, 2018, Talo and Patty were blessed to have their first child, Lucas. As a full-time missionary couple serving with GMI, the Vergaras have recently been assigned to Paraguay. The main focus of their ministry is to support the missionary team in Ciudad del Este in the start and development of the new Grace church in town. They are serving in various areas such as discipleship, evangelism, and leadership.

Bob & Beth Xavier
~ USA ~

Bob Xavier has dedicated 40 years to working with young people and families. He is Director of Set Free Ministries of Bradenton, Florida, and has been a Pastor and Chaplain. Bob and Beth live in Bradenton with two children Jonathan and Rachel.Bob also coordinates a ‘Grace’ oriented martial arts program that he uses as a medium to develop Christian character in young men and women. Beth Xavier assists Bob with the co-counseling of a women residents, that provides hospitality and a healthy role-model to women residents.

Dan and Mary Sue Reed
~ Bolivia ~

Ministering to the people of Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

Dan comes from a three-generation pastoral ministry background. He graduated from Grace Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology Degree in Pastoral Studies in 1984. Mary Sue grew up in Japan where her parents were missionaries for 23 years. Dan and Mary Sue were married in 1987. After having been in the pastorate for 16 years, they felt called to serve as missionaries in Bolivia. Both of them visited Bolivia on separate ministry trips in 2000 and 2002. They saw that their combined experience in missions and pastoral ministry could be used of God to equip and encourage the Bolivian leaders and families.

In January of 2006, Dan and Mary Sue and their three children—Taylor, Trevor, and Tasha—arrived in Cochabamba, Bolivia, a city surrounded by the Andes mountains. They attended language school and ministered there for one and a half years. In June 2007 they moved to the tropical lowland city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and began their ministry there.They are currently involved in leadership training, evangelism, church planting, and encouraging pastors and wives and lay leaders in ministry.

The Kilgo Family
~ Malaysia ~

Patrick Kilgo grew up insouth Florida and moved to Athens, GA when he was 15years old. Michelle is a native of Conyers, GA. They met in the summer of 1993 after enrolling in the same history class at the University of Georgia. They married in 1996 and lived in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin. Their four children are: Robert (born 1998), Elisabeth (2000), David (2003) and Anna Claire (2006) Finally in January 2011, they decided to become missionaries with TCM. They have moved to Wisconsin to receive training at Berean Bible Institute. In May 2014 they left for the mission field in Malaysia.

Alex & Deltha Gulart
~ Paragury ~

Alex was born in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, a small country in South America. He was raised in a Catholic family and heard the gospel for the very first time at the age of 16. At that time he started attending the church that Arnie and Sally Selfors planted and ministered in for many years. It wasn´t until he was 19 years old that he fully surrender his life to Christ. When he became a Christian, God gave him a passion for evangelism and missions. He got involved with Operation Mobilization (OM) in full-time service, and two years later he joined the Logos 2 ship for two years.

Deltha was born in Tabasco, in the south of Mexico. She also grew up in a Catholic home. She heard the gospel for first time when she was 14 years old and her older sister invited her to church. When she moved to Queretaro to continue her studies, she went to a Bible church founded by Camino Global (formerly CAM), where she made a profound commitment to Christ and His Word. God used two families to really impact her, her uncles and the missionaries in the church. They showed her about Christian life, family and service to God.

Bill & Sue Vinton

~ Malawi ~

At the end of March 2015 they arrived in Lilongwe, Malawi, to serve full-time with the Grace Church of Malawi. We came because God called us to help train the Malawian church leaders to better teach and preach the message of God’s grace. To accomplish our purpose, we have focused much of our time on learning the heart-language of many of the people here. English is the national language, but most of the church leaders and members in the Grace churches do not speak English but speak the national language Chichewa.

As the GMI field director for Malawi, Bill is involved in casting vision for others, which takes place in frequent meetings with fellow missionaries and national leaders. He views his role as motivating, encouraging, counseling, and facilitating all of our co-workers so that progress toward our field’s strategic plan is made